Although we see that many well known persons have experienced something incredible at age 26, there are others who's 26th year experience didn't manifest itself until later in life.


Take for example Sir Edmund Halley, (1656-1742)--the man who discovered a comet that returns to near earth orbit every 76 years.  Halley did many things in his life including inventing a diving bell, a liquid filled magnetic compass, and a hollow earth theory. But he didn't get around to publishing his theory about the comet, his greatest and most widely acclaimed achievement, until 1705 when he was 49 years old.  Halley predicted the comet would return in 1758, but unfortunately he didn't live long enough to see his prediction come true.  Interestingly, if he had lived long enough to see it in 1758, it would have been the second time he saw it, because the first time the comet appeared in his lifetime was the year 1682, Edmund Halley's 26th year!

So if you are over 26 and haven't had your "26th year moment" yet, remember Sir Edmund Halley.  Chances are that yours will be related to something you did when you were 26 also!